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The first step in awarding an outdoor adventure is to locate a qualified veteran. OFOH has significant high level contacts throughout the military community and is able to place advertisements where soldiers gather, such places as military hospitals, VFW’s,  and JBLM access and resources.

Candidates must first complete an application. Then, candidates are informed of the specific requirements and rigors of their outdoor adventure, what to expect on their outdoor adventure. Subsequently selections are made. Should you be a service disabled veteran, or happen to know someone who would enjoy and benefit from our outdoor activities, please contact OFOH.

Hunting activities include all hunting fees, food, and lodging. A weapon will be provided if needed. All guides are experienced in the handling of disabled hunters. Preparations are detailed in order to fully prepare our recipient so that their outdoor adventure is terrific.

Hunts may include:

  • North American big game such as elk, moose, deer, bear, etc., in addition to
  • wing shooting, turkey and waterfowl.

International hunts are in the vision but will be rare due to costs.

Fishing is available, as well as horseback riding, and nature trails. Outdoor adventures may require special equipment depending on the particular activity, or game hunted, and local terrain. Based on the interview with the veteran, any required special equipment, handlers, or provisions will be discussed in advance to ensure the hunter has an enjoyable experience.

Permission may be requested to film the adventure. This creates promotional opportunities and aids OFOH in seeking out additional candidates and raising donations. However, no filming is done without permission, and permission to film is not a caveat for participation.