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OFOH wants to pay tribute to the following from the 2016 Mule Deer Foundation Dinner Banquet

6/11/2016 | OFOH attendees of the Tacoma Mule Deer Foundation dinner banquet (in order from left to right):

Paul Doyle, Ray Gean II, Jason Brown, Vince Raila purple heart recipient, Gary Downey, Tony Liengang and Cody Hansen purple heart recipient x2.

OFOH wanted to honor four combat disabled veterans by hosting a dinner table at the Mule Deer Foundation dinner banquet. We thank those that chipped in to make this possible. The night was filled with fun, raffles and auctions. The kinship was warm and hopes of upcoming quality hunts were the topic of discussion.

If you want to know how to sponsor a veteran on a hosted quality hunt contact Info@outdoorsforourheroes.org .